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Mytro Seva, sponsored its 2nd Donation Drive

Mytro Seva, sponsored its 2nd donation drive, to distribute packed food giveaways for the needy & unfortunate kids & elderly at the Gh-3 slums in Gandhinagar, on the 25th March 2022.


As temperatures keep rising, these people struggle in all aspects to provide basic nutrition for their little ones. Unlike us they don’t even have a bed to sleep on or a two whole meals to sleep with at the end of a day. All it takes is a tad bit of magnanimity and empathy towards the less fortunate, even if it’s just for a day. We need you as much as these people need food! We hope to inspire our kind locals of Gandhinagar, to support our cause at Mytro Seva, while we strive to make sure your kindness reaches the neediest hearts.


અન્નદાન એજ મહાદાન. If you wish to join our noble cause and work towards the needy section of our local community, come participate in our cause. Contact our team or order food on Mytro with Mytro Seva Note and we will make sure your donation reaches the right place.